LSQ Models for sale (CM and Resin)

These are models from my own show string.  The majority were entered in NAN this year, but at the last minute I was not able to go.  I need to sell quite a few models to help with expenses.  All are in pristine condition unless noted.  If you have any questions, just email me.  I accept PayPal (including credit cards), personal checks, or money order.  If paying by check, model will be held until it is cleared. 

All prices shown are postage paid with insurance.  Models will be very carefully packed.

Email me for details or to buy a model:

Additional pictures of each model are available.

Double Gold Lady: Carol William's Parr's Dream Doll resin painted by Lisa Rivera in one of the colors she does best.  Gorgeous and realistic smutty palomino with frosty edged blanket and spots.  Very feminine and has wonderful color depth. $375 ppd

Joker's Mark: Chico resin by Terry Newberry and Candice Liddy (rarely seen for sale).  Painted to an extremely detailed appaloosa by Lisa Rivera.  Gorgeous color and detailing and model is tack friendly.  Super for the action performance classes and also a halter contender, particularly in color classes (has NAN carded in color at some or the biggest shows in the east). $350 ppd

Top of the MarkKitty Cantrell's Dartanian Morgan Resin painted by Lisa Rivera.  Buckskin can be a hard color to really capture, but Lisa and done it with this guy.  He's beautifully hand painted with tons of shading and tasteful dappling.  $375 ppd

Anchor Steam:  Linda York's heavy draft Camero resin in blue roan.  He has sabino markings with individually penciled hairs for roaning (following the proper hair pattern).  He has a anchor "brand" on his left hip.  A very striking model. 

Ramblin' Rose: The versatile and cute Shelby hunter pony resin from Sheri Rhodes painted by Kathleen Kirch of Greyhorse Studios.  Beautiful red roan with flaxen streaks in her tail.  She's a great english performance horse for multiple events.  She has her own bridle from TWD that I will consider selling if the new owner is interested.  $370 ppd

Don Juan:  Tracie Caller's andalusian resin (Viscaya) painted a subtle rose grey by Lisa Rivera.  This guy has wonderful coloring with realistic understated dappling.  Multi-colored rose mane and tail.  $360 ppd